The Osseo School Board is in the process of hiring a new superintendent to succeed Dr. Kate Maguire, who has announced her retirement effective June 30, 2018. Updates on the board's work to find Supt. Maguire's successor will be posted on this page, with the most recent updates listed first.

November 20, 2017 (public work session; watch the meeting)

Ray and Associates, Inc. met with the Osseo School Board to kick off its work to search for a new superintendent. Ray and Associates representative Craig Morris reviewed key elements of the search process and answered questions posed by board members.

November 16, 2017 (public work session; listen to the full audio recording)

The Osseo School Board has selected Ray and Associates, Inc. to lead the search for the superintendent who will succeed Dr. Kate Maguire, who is retiring at the end of the school year.

Three search firms responded to the call for proposals. Company representatives were interviewed by the board at last night’s work session, and Ray and Associates was chosen to lead the search for our next leader.

Company representatives will return to the district on Monday, Nov. 20, at 7 pm to work with the board on identifying next steps in the process. The Nov. 20 kick-off meeting is open to the public and will be videotaped and archived on the district website.  

October 17, 2017 (public work session; listen to full audio recording)

The Osseo School Board will request proposals from firms that specialize in superintendent searches to assist in the hiring of a successor to Superintendent Kate Maguire, who will retire at the end of this school year.

At an October 17 work session, board members established a timeline for hiring a search firm whose overall responsibility will be to lead a process that results in the naming of a new superintendent by late April 2018. All meetings will be open to the public, audio recorded, and archived on the district website:

  • October 30, 7 pm: Finalize Request for Proposals ( this work session has been canceled) updated 10//24/17
  • November 14, 6 pm: Review proposals from potential search firms
  • November 16, 6 pm: Interview search firms of interest
  • November 20, 7 pm: Kick-off meeting with selected firm (this meeting will be video recorded)

October 3, 2017 (public work session; listen to full audio recording)

School board members have begun to identify the search process that will be used to select the next superintendent, following the retirement of Supt. Kate Maguire at the end of the school year. At the Oct. 3 work session, board members created a plan to gather input from other metro area school boards that have gone through recent superintendent searches, with the goal of using the information to identify potential search firms and to inform the Osseo School Board's search process.

Three new work sessions were scheduled for the purpose of discussing the search process: Oct. 17 at 6 p.m.; Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.; and Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. The superintendent search will also be added to the existing Nov. 14 work session agenda. All school board work sessions are open to the public and are audiotaped. Members of the public can access audio recordings of work sessions on the district website.

September 21, 2017 (announcement)

Supt. Kate Maguire announces intent to retire

“My decision follows months of thoughtful consideration,” said Maguire. “District 279 is my home. I live in our community. My children went to our schools. I have enormous respect and admiration for the work that our dedicated employees do every single day to serve students. I often say that there is no other staff in the state of Minnesota with whom I’d rather work to tackle challenges and work toward improved academic outcomes for our students.” 

During her career in Osseo Area Schools, Maguire served in a variety of positions, including teacher, principal, director of human resources, director of curriculum, and assistant superintendent before she became superintendent in 2010. She was named 2014 Minnesota Superintendent of the Year by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators. 

In reflecting on her work in Osseo Area Schools, Maguire noted several examples of progress that she believes have had particularly significant impact. They include:

  • Moving to a standards-based instructional, grading and reporting approach that has since become widely adopted across the nation.
  • Expanding early learning opportunities, including implementing all-day kindergarten and voluntary pre-kindergarten.
  • Navigating to new grade spans that provided opportunities to support learning for students at all levels.
  • Focusing on racial equity and equitable student achievement for every student.
  • Expanding digital learning through the district’s first-ever technology levy.
  • Working with the school board to implement new systems for planning, financing, and executing facilities improvements that led to historic investments in school buildings to protect and improve the community’s capital assets.

Maguire particularly values the relationships she has developed with Osseo Area Schools staff, reflecting that she “grew up” professionally with many of them over the past three decades.

School Board Chair Robert Gerhart said, "The school board's confidence in and our relationship with Dr. Maguire is as strong as it has ever been. We are grateful for the leadership she has provided, and we look forward to this year of working together while we seek a worthy successor. Our school board members fully respect and support her personal decision to retire at the end of the school year. By announcing her intention this early in the school year, she has given us the gift of time to plan a thoughtful and effective approach to hiring her successor."

The school board will receive Maguire’s notice of retirement at the Oct. 24 regular meeting. Board members will soon start defining the process for identifying a successor.