The goal of EL (English Learner) instruction in Osseo Area Schools is to support English learners in achieving the English language proficiency needed to succeed academically and to realize personal, social, and career goals. EL teachers work in collaboration with both general education and specialist teachers to design a comprehensive instructional program for each student. EL teachers review data throughout the school year to determine how a student progresses through the EL program.

Overview of the EL Program at the Pre-kindergarten Level

EL Program services are available to qualifying students who participate in free pre-kindergarten programs.  These programs are currently offered at eight elementary schools. 

  • Birch Grove Elementary
  • Crest View Elementary
  • Edinbrook Elementary
  • Fair Oaks Elementary
  • Garden City Elementary
  • Palmer Lake Elementary
  • Park Brook Elementary
  • Zanewood Community School

Students who are eligible for EL Program services are assigned an EL level (1-4) based on a language assessment. EL teachers provide supplemental English language development instruction for all students at levels 1-4 and collaborate with pre-kindergarten teachers to provide access to content and support language development.

  • All EL services are provided to students within the pre-kindergarten classroom through whole group, small group, or individual activities.
  • EL teachers align their instruction with language and content standards.
  • Students receive 15-30 minutes of English language development instruction daily.
  • English language development in pre-kindergarten focuses on developing each student’s oral language (listening and speaking) skills through play-based activities.

EL services may vary slightly from one school to another.

Times listed are minimum direct EL service times.