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What is Title I?

Title I is a federally-funded program that provides instruction for students who need some extra academic help. Its goals are to help these students succeed in the regular classroom and improve achievement in reading and math skills.

What are some typical Title I services?

Students receive Title I service in reading, math, or both. They may receive this additional instruction in the classroom or at another location.

For example: In the classroom, Title I staff work with students in small groups or individually to support classroom instruction. Also, students may be provided additional service outside of the classroom.

Do Title I services produce results?

Every year we must measure the effectiveness of Title I instruction. Students are expected to show gains on standardized tests, mandated state assessments, and show progress in the regular classroom.

Osseo Area Schools Title I students consistently show more improvement than students who do not receive Title I services.

What questions should i ask?

  • What Title I services will my child receive?
  • When and where will my child receive the Title I services?
  • Who will provide that instruction?
  • How much regular classroom time will my child miss while receiving Title I services?
  • How will I be informed of my child’s progress?
  • How long will my child be in Title I?
  • What opportunities for involvement and training are available to me to support my child’s education?
  • How can I help my child?

The parent’s role in the Title I program

Today the need for parental involvement and responsibility is greater than ever before. Parents help their children experience greater success in school by teaching their children in ways that support the teachers’ work, by learning more about their school; by supporting both their children and the school; and by making decisions about their children’s education. Schools welcome ideas for involving parents in their children’s education.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I have a home environment which will help my student be successful?
  • Do I talk with my child’s teacher on a regular basis?

Schools are obliged to:

  • Provide information to parents on how to help children continue their learning at home.
  • Involve parents in school decisions.

Both parents and schools are encouraged to:

Seek out resources from the community which strengthen student learning and development.

Parent involvement opportunities

  • Title I Information Night
  • Title I Parent Committee
  • Title I Open House
  • Title I Family Evening Events
  • Title I Resource Material for Families


Seven of the Osseo Area Schools provide Title I services. Each of these schools has a Title I lead teacher who coordinates and manages the school programs. The schools and lead teachers are listed below.

Elementary schools

Crest View      Colleen Liegakos
Fair Oaks         Doris Lemanski
Garden City     Melissa Johnson
Palmer Lake    Sara Koehn
Park Brook       Mary Rachor
Zanewood       Emily James

Middle school

North View     Allison Stapley

About 60 additional instructional staff also work in the Title I program.